Where's our Infrastructure Cash? In Ontario, the Feds say: 'Talk to the Province.' Finance Minister Joe Oliver says the Ontario government is causin

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Where's our Infrastructure Cash? In Ontario, the Feds say: 'Talk to the Province.'

Finance Minister Joe Oliver says the Ontario government is causing delays in the federal government’s plan to devote nearly $11 billion to infrastructure investments in the province over the coming years.

Oliver said Monday he’s still waiting for the Liberal government to submit its list of preferred infrastructure projects under the Building Canada Plan, which is designed to give predictable long-term funding to provinces and territories.

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What's Faster to Install? PVC or Concrete?

You've known for years PVC was more reliable, and cheaper... did you know it's much faster to install, and now we can prove it?

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Why Do We Care About PVC Pipe?

Note from the Editor: I'm often asked what I like about the pipe industry. I'll admit - it's not especially glamorous, and a lot of people don't understand the importance. But I remember standing in Walkerton, Ontario after the water disaster, and looking at 4km of pipe we installed in order to ensure those beleaguered residents could get something as basic as clean water... and knowing I was part of something important.

I'm not the only one. The industry group for PVC Pipe in Europe rightly lists safety as the number one key reason for choosing PVC pipe systems. With a track record that spans eighty years without corrosion or bacterial deterioration, these comparatively lightweight pipes and fittings are safe and easy to install. They're so passionate about it, they created a multimedia top-ten list of why PVC is awesome.


Voter Fraud - Alive and Well, Thanks to Greenpeace?

Greenpeace has fired one of its key Colorado officials, Christen Topping, over her comments condoning the creation of fraudulent ballots using that state’s vote-by-mail system. She went beyond that and told filmmaker James O’Keefe the exact street corner in “ghetto Aurora” where he could find ballots in trash cans that could be fraudulently mailed in. She said residents of the “ghetto” were unlikely to vote because they “don’t really care.”


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