Spending Smarter on Infrastructure Water, water, everywhere... Across the country, it appears the Winter of 2014 is truly taking it's toll. Picture


Spending Smarter on Infrastructure


Water, water, everywhere...

Across the country, it appears the Winter of 2014 is truly taking it's toll. Pictured is a watermain break from Montreal, one of many in photo series CTV News put together.

In Saskatchewan, the story isn't any better, as Saskatoon tackles five breaks per day. In Winnipeg, City Council has voted to declare their broken pipes a disaster, which will allow them to seek additional funding.

Two pieces of good news though! First, it appears spring may, FINALLY, be on the way. And of course, we have the solution to broken watermains.


Winnipeg’s crumbling infrastructure poised to dominate next election

Brown water, no water, water main breaks, frozen pipes and potholes: Winnipeg’s recent infrastructure woes might shape how the city votes this fall.

A research company says crime is no longer the top issue, it’s been replaced with infrastructure.


Australia to pay states to sell $93 billion of infrastructure

Australia's federal government said it will pay states to sell off assets - and they're looking to groups like Ontario's Teachers Pension Plan to snap them up.

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey said the government will pay states the equivalent of 15 percent of the value of assets they sell in the next two years if they promise to use the money for new infrastructure investment.

'This is a way of freeing up capital that already exists in brownfields infrastructure and in brownfields assets and recycling it into the new, economically productive infrastructure.'


Federal government tightens procurement integrity

The Federal government is clamping down on the rules and disclosure associated with awarding federal contracts. New provisions clearly spell out what is and what isn't considered allowable in terms of past behaviour, and can even mean rescinding an awarded contract.


Brampton reveals $704 million in unfunded projects

City officials are struggling to account for the lion’s share of $766 million designated to go to 670 capital projects over the past seven years, many of which haven’t even been started.


Videos, education and workshops

Looking for practical ideas to improve water management? The efforts of several local communities to address their water management issues are featured in a series of YouTube videos recently released by the Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association.

Asset Management - Strategies for Sustainable Urban Water and Wastewater Networks - May 27
Dr. Penny Burns is the keynote speaker in this workshop where internationally renowned asset management experts will demonstrate how the newly developed asset management tools and techniques can help the municipalities and water utilities to make better decisions related to operation, maintenance, and renewal of buried infrastructure.

Trenchless Roadshow 2014, May 28-29, 2014, Niagara Falls, Ontario - Registration Open!
Registration is underway for Canada's largest conference and roadshow. It will feature the latest advances in the trenchless technology


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