Winnipeg's frozen pipes dwindling as mercury rises It may feel like summer where you live. In fact, it FEELS like summer in Winnipeg, too. But the


Winnipeg's frozen pipes dwindling as mercury rises

It may feel like summer where you live. In fact, it FEELS like summer in Winnipeg, too. But the CBC is reporting that there are STILL 400 homes with frozen water pipes, due to old, cast-iron watermains that can't insulate. One resident has been using temporary (plastic) watermains for over 79 days already.

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Water quality tests data shows elevated lead levels in Toronto homes

A whopping thirteen per cent of household water tests conducted in Toronto over the past six years showed unsafe levels of lead.


New university study finds PVC pipe can last in excess of 100 years

A study published by the Utah State University (USU) buried structures laboratory takes a comprehensive look at PVC pipe excavations, testing and life cycle analysis. The key findings? We've long suspected PVC pipe would last 100 years. Turns out, it's even longer.

See the story here, or download the report, here.

The report comes out just as IPEX prepares to launch Bionax in a large diameter. Unsure what Bionax pipe is? Watch this amazing Youtube video. We think this is going to revolutionize the municipal infrastructure sector.


Cast iron pipe corrosion causes burst water main and massive sinkhole in Sydney, Australia

A corroded section of cast iron pipe the size of a tissue box in Sydney’s northern beaches is to blame for the flooding of a mansion-dotted hillside and a sinkhole that caused part of the road to collapse and a fire truck to crash.

They said investigators had found a corrosive patch measuring 20cm by 10cm, slightly smaller than the size of a standard tissue box.
As a result of the defect, the pipe became corroded by soil, causing a section of it to break away.

watermain break

United they stand: Canadian cities collaborating to take on deluge of water challenges

Mother Nature and human nature appear to be conspiring to put Canada’s water infrastructure under tremendous pressure. Erratic weather systems are wreaking unprecedented havoc within communities. At the same time, rapid expansion in major municipalities is placing increased strain on aging water infrastructures.

It’s no longer a situation that can be fixed by a single entity or a clever engineering. Rather, infrastructure change requires a fully integrated approach that not only addresses different water systems, but also involves different partners — from industry and academia to government and R&D.


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