Spending Smarter on Infrastructure

August 2008

One Year Later...Time after Tragedy Exposes many Problems with America's Infrastructure
The catastrophe quickly became a sobering symbol of aging infrastructure, but funds designated to keep  roads and bridges in working condition are disappearing.  More.

$1 Billion in Infrastructure -
all hanging on one pipe

One municipality in Southern Ontario has an all-too common problem... what do they do with a sewer pipe?  It's a mere 27 inches in diameter, but it's delaying construction of over 4,000 new homes.  More..

Old Infrastructure Raises Ugly Head
Whether it's floods in Toronto, or power blackouts in British Columbia, experts say both are indications that the nation's infrastructure is well overdue for replacement.

Ontario Signs the Dotted Line...
Long awaited infrastructure money for Canada's most populous province should start to flow, now that Ontario and Canada have signed a framework agreement for record amounts of infrastructure cash.  More.

Collapsed Roads and Flooding Plague Quebec
At least two people are dead and thousands are left in shambles after heavy rain destroyed municipal infrastructure across parts of New Brunswick and Quebec.  More.

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