Super beams and sinkholes: Montreal’s year in infrastructure

You can't talk about the past year in infrastructure without talking about Montreal.

Like Toronto, Montreal’s word of the year was crack. As in cracked sewer pipes, bridges and highway ramps. One downtown street became a rushing river, another sucked up construction equipment but couldn’t quite digest it. The world’s biggest splint was used to hold up our busiest bridge. The city’s infrastructure crisis is a long-running malaise, but this year’s spate of disasters were particularly dramatic. With that in mind, here’s a look back at five 2013 blockbusters.


Chateauguay mayor celebrated as hero for turning down bribe

She’s not the only honest politician in Quebec, but some days it feels like it.

In a province riven by scandal and the arrest of dozens of politicians and their operatives on allegations of corruption, Nathalie Simon, the mayor of the Montreal suburb of Chateauguay, was set apart to end 2013 when police celebrated her for reporting an attempted bribery.


UK Infrastructure in 2014: The multiplier effect

In the UK, the civil engineering sectors are gearing up for the next generation of infrastructure spending - and the growth that comes with it - with what they are calling the infrastructure pipeline.

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Canada - getting noticed for excellent infrastructure

An American financial leadership publication is pointing to Canada as an excellent example of infrastructure leadership. Last year, a Utah State University study pointed out that Canadian PVC watermains are best in class compared to America. And now, the Fiscal Times is claiming America's infrastructure is rated at a "D" while Canada rates a "B," thanks in large part to a protracted Economic Action Plan. They make a convincing case that smart leaders need to fix the economy by fixing what crumbles around them.


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