Quebec corruption inquiry will resume and focus on unions

Quebec’s corruption inquiry is set to resume today, after a two-month summer break.

This time the province’s unions will be put under the microscope. Six members of the powerful FTQ construction union are expected to testify at the inquiry this fall, including top boss Yves Ouellet.

The commission is also expected to delve into construction contracts involving Quebec’s transportation ministry as well as cities around the province.

More coverage in the Globe & Mail, Gazette, and CTV News.


Editorial: Protectionism hurts us, too

"Fundamentally though, job creation is not a zero-sum game where one must choose between one’s own country and another. Free trade between cities, provinces and countries helps all economies expand and to create jobs; that’s the rising tide that lifts all boats."


Using PVC pipes to save millions in Australian mining venture

Large Diameter PVC pipes are the most cost effective material to build underground water pipes to get water from the gas fields to the water treatment plants, often located more than 50 kilometres away. PVC pipes potentially offer a 20% cost reduction in building water pipeline infrastructure over PE pipes in sizes ranging from 500 – 800mm. PVC pipe is also the best option for distribution of treated water back to the environment after the treatment plant.


North Vancouver watermain break damages homes

The ductile iron pipe wasn't scheduled for replacement, but it shattered anyway, damaging a number of homes in the area. The district is already spending $3 million a year to replace asbestos concrete pipe "that has proven prone to sudden failures."


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