Infrastructure reaching ‘point of no return’

Issue is the one most commonly raised by residents, mayoral candidates say

"In his overview of the state of the city’s infrastructure presented to city council in late May, Montreal’s auditor-general concurred.

“The city is near the point of no return,” Jacques Bergeron told councillors. “It will be difficult to make up for the time that has been lost.”

(Editors note: Montreal remains one of the only cities in Canada that does not allow PVC pipe or fittings.)


Charbonneau Commission: Witness relates ‘nightmare’ of intimidation

Stéphanie Bérard never saw the driver, but she knew that the vehicle passing slowly in front of her home had been sent there to frighten her.

She didn't recognize the voice on the other end of the line, but the message left on her answering machine was clear: Shut up or face the consequences.

For several months in late 2012, Bérard says someone (or several someones) did everything possible to make sure she didn't co-operate with the Charbonneau Commission, seemingly afraid that she knew too much about the role of organized crime in Quebec's construction industry.


New paper provides solutions to US States facing water infrastructure crisis

“Opening the procurement process to competition will lead to lower prices and higher quality goods and services. It is a common-sense solution for states and municipalities that need to upgrade their water infrastructure systems.”

Every year, an estimated 300,000 water mains break and threaten the safety of the nation’s communities and place enormous financial burdens on states already struggling to balance budgets. Seventeen percent of all water pumped in the United States is lost through leakage at an annual cost of $1.4 billion.


N.S. firm has plan for trucks to run on plastic

Diesel-powered trucks could soon be running on energy obtained from your discarded soda bottles.

A newly created Nova Scotia firm plans to team up with a Montreal company to build a $15 million plastics-to-fuel plant that they say will be the largest of its kind in Atlantic Canada.


PVC Pipe helping create 'Sand Dams' - a cheap, effective way to water the desert.

As Kenyan communities grapple with water shortages, many are starting to turn to something called “sand dams” to trap and save nature's precious liquid for use in times with no rain.

More than a thousand sand dams have been built in East Africa in the past decade in what is a simple, low-cost, effective way to store millions of gallons of water – by trapping it in piles of sand and later accessing it when rivers go dry.


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