Massive sinkhole swallows backhoe in downtown Montreal

A section of a downtown commercial street swallowed a backhoe on Monday as city crews were getting ready to repair a leaky water main.

Emilie Miskdjian, a spokeswoman for the Ville-Marie borough, said the city was alerted to the possible water leak on the weekend.

“We think that the water leak was because of the sewer pipe,” she told reporters. “It’s a broken sewer pipe. That’s what we think but we have to do inspections to see what is really the cause.”

The driver was uninjured but taken to hospital as a precaution.

Editors note: The easiest way to fix sinkhole problems is to avoid using pipe materials that corrode, such as old fashioned ductile iron and concrete. Montreal remains one of the few large Canadian cities that refuses to take advantage of the benefits of PVC pipe and fittings.


Citizens argue for removal of mayor

For the first time in Quebec, citizens are using a new law to try and toss their mayor out of office after he was arrested on various corruption charges.

St-Remi residents were in Quebec Superior Court Monday arguing that their Mayor, Michel Lavoie, who was arrested in December 2012 by the province's anti-corruption squad, should be removed from office before the upcoming municipal elections in November.

Lavoie is the only Quebec mayor among the four arrested so far on corruption charges not to step down from office.


More Construction Charges Laid

Revenue Quebec has filed 64 charges of tax fraud against Jules César Badra, bringing the total charges against businesses and individuals in the construction industry investigated in Operation Grattoir to 452.


“Buy American” Laws: An Illusion of Patriotism

Editor's note: We came across this great blog post about Buy American laws, and thought it was worth sharing. Compare this policy to the infrastructure policy of a country like China, which recently invited foreign bids to $55 billion in infrastructure projects.

Who could oppose “Buy American” measures that appear to support American manufacturing and create jobs? On the surface, that’s what the All-American Flag Act seems to do. But on closer examination, such laws do not benefit “All Americans” but rather just a narrow group of producers...

This all occurs as a new public relations attempt at encouraging seclusion takes place this month. A documentary called "American Made Movie" is about to embark on a 32 city promotional tour.


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