Southern Alberta starts the clean up

The residents of Southern Alberta are beginning to come to terms with what are likely the most devastating floods in Canadian history.

We want to thank those who have donated to flood relief initiatives. Our Calgary IPEX facility was spared, but unfortunately, some of our employees homes were not. In response, IPEX is holding multiple fundraisers across Canada, and will be matching employee contributions in order to help our people rebuild. This is in addition to a $50,000 donation to the Red Cross.

Please consider donating to organizations like the Red Cross today - and if your municipality has made a donation, let us know - we'll let the rest of Canada know about it in our next issue.


Amazingly - no boil-water advisory?

If you stop and think about it - it's impressive. Despite having a water system under dirty floodwater, the City of Calgary didn't require a boil-water advisory. Why?

Two reasons. The municipal water treatment facilities weren't flooded - and flexible, corrosion-free vinyl pipes didn't allow dirty, contaminated flood water to infiltrate the system. Calgary has more PVC pipe per capita than just about any municipality in North America - and is now reaping the benefit.


Small crack creates massive sinkhole

What happens when a 36 inch watermain breaks?

"It is an amazing sight, especially after seeing all the trees down form the storm, it’s still surreal to see this,” witness Susan Ritchie said. “The entire street heaved and the tar eroded.”

Laurel Dunham says he saw the sinkhole start out as a tiny crack in the road.

“It started out a real small crack and then it started getting bigger and bigger, and then all of a sudden everything started collapsing,” Dunham said.


Australian TV Investigation - Billions of litres wasted

A recent Nine News special report in Sydney highlighted the billions of litres of water that is lost due to old pipes and infrastructure not being updated.


Canada’s Municipalities Face an $80-Billion Water Infrastructure Deficit

“In most cities across Canada, infrastructure is crumbling and in urgent need of replacement or repair,” says Bob Sandford, chair of the Canadian Partnership Initiative in support of the United Nations’ Water for Life Decade in Canmore.

Many of the water systems in major cities across the country date back a century or more. A good portion of more modern infrastructures were built in the post-Second World War era and are in need of upgrades or replacement.


Questions or Comments?

Let us know what donations you've been making for Alberta flood relief, or about any other interesting infrastructure initiatives in your region. It's always good to hear from you.

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