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     August  2005

Ontario's Water Infrastructure "old and failing"
The Water Strategy Expert Panel at Ontario's Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal has dropped the bombshell - the water infrastructure is old, failing and in desperate need of repair. 

"We have time, but not a lot of time to do it right."
Is the water your residents drink safe?  For many municipalities, the answer is quite honestly, no.  Many people feel the Walkerton tragedy was an isolated incident - but Dr. Harry Swain, the head of the expert panel  reviewing municipal infrastructure in Ontario, points out that "something similar could happen if the pipes that transport water from reservoirs are not replaced."

Over $34 Billion in Repairs Needed
Let's face it - spending money on infrastructure isn't attractive. "But if it's ignored, there are a lot of small municipalities that could become critical."

Researchers Look at Why Asbestos Cement Pipes in Regina Fail
In Regina, Saskatchewan, asbestos cement  pipes account for about 68 per cent of the city's water main network. The majority of these pipes were laid in the 1950s and '60s. After decades of service, the number of failures in AC pipes has increased greatly in recent years... and the National Research Council wants to find out why.






Infrastructure becomes a Political Issue in Montreal


Political leaders in Montreal are discovering that maintaining their water infrastructure isn't simply a civic engineering issue... but an intensely political issue as well.  Both Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay and Quebec Premier Jean Charesf face embarassing questions after massive flooding in Montreal...
(Please allow the video time to load)

Newer Technologies Provide Answers to Infrastructure Issues
Broken, unsafe pipes... you wouldn't want to drink from them, why should your residents? Click here to discover the solution.

Visit the Watermain Break Clock
Get an idea of just how often water mains break across Canada and the United States.
Visit the Watermain Break Clock here.


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