Montreal rethinking shutout of PVC pipe for water mains

Perhaps bruised by overwhelmingly negative headlines about the state of their infrastructure, the city of Montreal is studying whether to include PVC pipe in its main potable-water lines.

Canada's second-largest city could benefit from fair and open procurement. The anti-corruption Charbonneau Commission has revealed that PVC producers were shut out of the City of Montreal over their refusal to pay hundreds of thousands in bribes.

In the meantime, south of the border, the US Conference of Mayors has released a new study showing ways to save thousands of dollars on infrastructure spending... and one of the primary recommendations involves using PVC pipe.


Taxpayers Group: Competition key to reducing water/sewer rates

The National Taxpayers Union has just released a brand-new report calling on greater competition and innovation in the municipal water system as a way to reduce rates.

"When taxpayers hear the word “infrastructure,” they are more likely to think of things such as roads and airports rather than water pipes and sewers. Yet, these buried assets are as important to our everyday lives and the economy as the transportation networks we see right before our eyes.

Drinking water and wastewater infrastructure have huge implications for fiscal policy. As this Policy Paper points out, the costs to replace existing capacity and keep up with additional development growth could reach into trillions of dollars over the next several decades. This liability could rival the threat that state and local government employee pension burdens pose to taxpayers. "

Read the study here.


Infrastructure increases jobs and incomes, finds report

Ontario’s average infrastructure spending of $10.7 billion per year between 2006 and 2013 has not only supported an increase in jobs, but added about $1,000 per year to the income of every Ontarian, found a recently released report by the Conference Board of Canada.


Montreal bans firm from municipal bids

The consulting engineering firm Dessau has been officially disqualified from bidding on public contracts with the city of Montreal for five years, Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum announced, adding more firms would get the bad news in the days to come.

The city’s legal department notified Dessau it now bars anyone (or any company) which has admitted to taking part in collusion.

Quebec Police have also arrested an SNC Lavalin official in connection with a series of bribes regarding hospital construction.

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Chicago sinkhole swallows three cars

Just a graphic reminder that the infrastructure under our feet is often more important than the bricks and morter you can see every day... (Video)


Imported pipes and fittings face non-compliance with standards and safety requirements

Interesting story we found out of Australia, but has implications across the globe. Developers and municipalities are discovering that the 'great deal' they got on municipal infrastructure assets may not be such a great deal, especially if their imported pipe doesn't meet standards...


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