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     Summer 2007

Quebec Infrastructure Under Scrutiny: Trucks Banned from 135 Bridges and Highways
The state of highway infrastructure is in such poor shape that
Transport Quebec has banned double tractor-trailers from about 135 highway bridges and overpasses until inspectors finish tests to determine their safety.  Read more here.

Steam Pipe Explosion Kills One, Showers New York with Asbestos

An 86 year old steam pipe explodes in downtown Manhattan.  The resulting plume of steam and debris rose hundreds of feet in the air, causing panic in a city still recovering from 9/11.  More here, here and here.

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Water Rescue Crews Called to Save Commuters in Massive Watermain Break

(photo courtesy WDIV Detroit)

It was a mid-day commute gone horribly wrong for drivers of several vehicles through downtown Detroit, Michigan.  After a 48 inch watermain broke and flooded Interstate 96, drivers waited on their vehicle roofs for fire crews to rescue them.  Read more here.
Watch the video here.

Newer Technologies Provide Answers to Infrastructure Issues
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