Quebecers, frustrated with scandals, go to the polls

Quebecers go to the polls tonight... and by tomorrow, if the polls are accurate, the Premier-Elect will be PQ leader Pauline Marois.

Today's National Post has a breakdown of the major issues and where each party and leader stands.

Editors note: Did you ever think you'd see construction corruption as one of the leading issues in a provincial election campaign?


Is your equipment walking away?

It's a problem plaguing construction sites private and public all over North America - stolen materials and equipment.

A study says the problem is worth over $300 million across North America, and only a fifth of the equipment gets recovered. How do you ensure your property is returned?


Has the infrastructure spending tap been turned off in Alberta?

"It used to be the province would low-ball energy revenues, then reap the political rewards of showering the public with infrastructure spending...

"This past week’s fiscal update from the province was the product of a government that at best was being overly optimistic, or horrible planners, and at worst, being willfully risky with the province’s books in an attempt to please as many people as possible in advance of a tough election."


Best pipe for a Canadian winter?

The million dollar question for municipalities - do you go with old fashioned, corrosion-prone cement and ductile iron pipes, or do you go with modern long lasting corrosion proof PVC pipe and fittings?

The University of Utah took a look across North America, and the study results may surprise you. In Canada, watermains are more likely to break if they're made of concrete or iron.

For a free copy of the printed report, drop me an email at


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