Montreal is falling down

What initially was feared to be yet another bridge falling apart ended up being something marginally better - mere vandalism.

“I want to reassure the people of Montreal: the rock that caused this incident has nothing to do with the structure,” Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay told reporters at the scene, deftly avoiding the very word “concrete.” “Vehicles can pass in total safety.” Still, it’s hard to blame even the most paranoid residents for assuming the contrary. It’s raining concrete in Montreal, it seems, and the situation has people on edge.


Montreal's crumbling infrastructure should be a lesson for all of us

Private manufacturers use more labour and less private capital when public infrastructure is increased. A 10-per-cent increase in public infrastructure investment would lead to a five-per-cent reduction in the cost of private manufacturing output.

We will not continue to be competitive if our viaducts, tunnels and bridges are in danger of collapse and our water systems in danger of contamination. If we do not start shoring up our infrastructure now, the cost in the future might be more than we can bear.


Heat pops pipes across USA; brace for higher bills

Critical water pipelines are breaking from coast to coast, triggered by this summer's record high temperatures. It's not a phenomenon or coincidence, experts say. It's a clear sign that Americans should brace for more water interruptions, accompanied by skyrocketing water bills.


700 water main breaks in Houston — a day!

It wasn't just hot and dry in Houston, the city's also losing water at an alarming rate due to water main breaks — 700 a day, the mayor said earlier last month.


Action Alert: Is 'Buy America' back on the table?

It took months of high profile lobbying, but the combined might of Canada's municipalities helped breathe some common sense into a plan to close America's borders.

But the waves of protectionism haven't ebbed. A US Democratic congressman, Dan Lipinski, has introduced a bill that would not only erase those gains, but close the border even tighter. Click here to read the Lipinski bill in its entirety.

Stand by - this fight may not be over yet.


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