Feds hint at extending stimulus deadline

Worried your municipality may be left hanging for an unfinished infrastructure project? You 'may' be able to relax, just a tiny bit. After saying for months there would be no leniency, the Conservatives hinted extensions may be granted.

'We'll obviously evaluate the situation,' House Leader John Baird said. The Parliamentary Budget Office estimates up to 1,814 projects across the country may not be completed by the March deadline.

Floods of Frustration

How do you determine negligence for flooded basements or other damage? For years, it was simple - did the town do something to cause the break.

That may be changing, as ratepayers are starting to ask 'What DIDN'T the town do - such as replace watermains which are more than 40 years old and long since corroded?'

The Labrador Aurora has detailed the story of one frustrated homeowner, and the challenges behind getting a municipality to 'do the right thing.'

U.S. construction spending falls to lowest point in a decade

Construction spending in the U.S. tumbled in July to the lowest level in a decade, as the housing market struggles in the weak economy and without a popular home-buying tax credit.

The Commerce Department says construction activity in the U.S. dropped one per cent in July, the third straight monthly decline. And government revisions showed much weaker activity than previously reported for May and June.

The report was the latest evidence that the economy was weakening significantly in the summer. That has raised concerns about the possibility of the country falling back into a recession.

Obama announces massive infrastructure program

Saying 'we used to have the best infrastructure in the world, we can have it again,' US President Barack Obama has proposed a $50 BILLION infrastructure spending program.

Such a massive program is sure to raise eyebrows, with many saying there's no way the Congress would pass such a program given rising levels of concern over skyrocketing debt and deficits. In fact, members of the President's own party are starting to publicly disavow it.

In the meantime, the American Water Works Association says the program, designed to rehabilitate 150,000 miles of road and another 4,000 miles of railway lines is a good step, but it ignores a more pressing need facing Americans - rehabilitation of water systems.

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