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     September  2005

It was 'Quite a Disaster'...
Repairs to Finch Avenue will take months, strangers were finding refuge in area homes, and insurance may not cover the losses...
Parts of North York resembled a swimming pool when a massive storm overwhelmed drainage systems, flooding streets and knocking out power.

Alberta: "We have an Infrastructure Deficit"
One year after Alberta became debt-free, at least one pro-active member of the government wants to turn attention to another form of deficit. Infrastructure Minister Lyle Oberg says the province has an infrastructure deficit of $7.2 billion dollars.  Oberg wants to generate long-term funding to solve the problems, without relying on one time oil revenue windfalls.

Water Outlook Brightens for Small Ontario Town
At one point, the water quality in White River, Ontario was so bad the CBC featured them in a documentary.  After investing in a new water treatment infrastructure, things are looking up.  In fact, things are so promising the town may even consider opening a bottled water plant.





Toronto Washout after Storm...
Finch Avenue in Toronto - click the picture to
watch the devastation occur

How do you handle drainage from a summer thunderstorm?  The answer - with properly sized drainage pipes.  Unfortunately, Toronto officials are discovering what happens when a pipe wasn't able to handle the load.  As a result, Finch Avenue across the top of Toronto will be closed for months, and damage to area homes and businesses reaches millions of dollars.

Click the picture above for a dramatic slideshow showing the washout from start to finish...

New pipe technologies can help provide answers.  Find out how...

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