Federal budget to simplify environmental review process

A major initiative which may have been missed in the commotion regarding retirement ages and pennies: The federal government is promising in its budget to streamline environmental review of major industrial projects and impose hard timelines on decisions.


Municipalities give 'thumbs up' to Federal budget...

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities says the 'commitment to have its new long-term infrastructure plan in place before current funding programs end in 2014, means that municipalities can look forward to stable, secure federal infrastructure funding.'


Toronto picks up the shovels...

The City of Toronto has made a new commitment to renewing their infrastructure. They decided last month to allow large, non-corrosive vinyl water mains into the system, and it's easy to understand why. A recent Global News investigation shows certain parts of Toronto are more prone to water main breaks than others.

Global has released an interactive map showing what neighbourhoods struggle the most.


The problem with low-flow toilets

Municipalities across North America are increasingly promoting low-flow toilets as a water conservation measure. Unfortunately, they're also discovering the downside of low-flow toilets: just because you 'go' doesn't mean that 'it' goes away. Our Gordon Lefort has a great article, where he points out that the issue isn't the toilet, but the corroded, cast-iron drain pipe the toilet is often connected to.


Trenchless Technology Road Show - June 5-6

Trenchless Road Shows provide a platform to educate municipal, engineering and contractor personnel across North America on the benefits of trenchless methods for sewer and water pipeline rehabilitation.

The two-day conference and trade show will feature new research and development, exhibiting companies, plus educational breakout sessions and live outdoor technique sessions. The presentations contain the most up-to-date information on the best trenchless technologies and techniques to utilize in rehabilitation and new installation projects.


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