Montreal says bridges, tunnels, in critical condition

The city of Montreal is asking for more money to cope with the decrepit state of bridges, tunnels, overpasses and other structures under its jurisdiction.

This as a leaked report on the influence of the mafia in Quebec construction industries has rocked the political infrastructure.


Regina fixing high number of water line breaks

Regina city crews are repairing what officials say is an unusually high number of water line breaks this month.

There are currently 20 broken water lines in the city, including eight this week alone.

Some residents shrug it off, but others are understandably fed up and expressing their frustration.


'Buy America' becomes election issue

Despite all the hard work that municipal politicians across Canada went through last year, it appears the Americans are back to considering a new round of 'Buy America' legislation.

It's caused some groups to react with alarm across Canada and abroad, and has become a pressing political issue in manufacturing-heavy Ontario.

Stay tuned as this issue develops...

Elections here, elections there, elections everywhere...

It's the season of change for Provincial Governments across Canada. At press time, the citizens of not one, not three, but five Provinces and a Territory are all going to the polls in the next few days (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, PEI, Newfoundland and Yukon). In the meantime, Alberta will soon have a new Premier in Alison Redford, while New Brunswick just returned a solid Conservative majority last week.

Stay tuned. Once the feathers have stopped flying, we'll have a complete rundown of the political shape across Canada in next month's issue.


New technologies solving construction headaches

How do you solve the problem of construction crews accidentally damaging pipe? We think it's by making the pipe virtually impossible to damage!

We're pretty proud of our Bionax pipe.


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