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October 2008

How did Calgary reduce water-main breaks from 1,500 to one?

It's a staggering statistic.  The number of watermain breaks in pipes less than 25 years old has plummeted in Calgary, Alberta.  The city used to deal with over 1,500 breaks a year among pipes that were less than 25 years old... last year, they had one.

In this special video, Infrastructure News caught up with officials in the City of Calgary to ask "How did they do that?"  Video. (or alternatively, here.)

New, large diameter pipe technology - that's now over 40 years old
Infrastructure News stumbled across a hidden gem - this documentary, put together by Canadian television icon, the late John Bassett.  It details the use of a new, water-saving, labour-saving and cost-saving technology being put into use for the Expo in 1967 Montreal.  The new technology?  PVC Pipe.
(alternative video link here.)

CTF:  Reduce waste and inefficiency in water distribution
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has joined the chorus of groups that want municipalities to spend smarter on infrastructure by adopting fair and open procurement practices designed to maximize value for taxpayers.  The Town of Russell is an excellent example of such a good news story. More.

Election rhetoric turned to "High."
We're two weeks away from an election here in Canada, and only just over a month away from a similar event in the USA.  Politicians are falling over each other to promise the moon.   Credit where it's due - all five parties, for the most part, recognize the need to pay attention to the real issue facing the country - infrastructure.    More.

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