Montreal bureaucrat tells Quebec corruption inquiry he took $600K in kickbacks

“You take the envelope, you put it in your pocket and it’s ‘thank you, goodbye,’” City Engineer Gilles Surprenant recalled from that first experience. “You don’t anticipate what else can happen down the road.”

But it would happen again. Inquiry investigators have identified at least 90 contracts where Surprenant got a piece of the pie over the years.''

For the latest, the Montreal Gazette has dedicated an entire online section to the corruption enquiry.


How do you pay for new infrastructure? City of Ottawa thinks casino...

Funnelling money towards pipes, culverts, and sewer systems may not be glamourous, but City Councilor Alan Hubley insists it's crucial.

"Clearly, we need to step up the amount of money that we're putting into maintaining these, so that we don't end up like other cities like Montreal, for example, where they have serious infrastructure issues."

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Vinyl solving problems: Pretty pictures fight gross graffiti

The problem - how do you stop people from vandalizing public infrastructure with graffiti?

In Fort Saskatchewan, they've discovered a solution - vinyl wraps that go over utility boxes and other common graffiti targets.

“The theory is that no tagger would tag over somebody else’s work out of respect for what they’ve done. So, by wrapping our distribution transformers and switch cubicals in these wraps, we hope to deter other taggers from painting our equipment.”


Do your watermains look like this?

The enemy of public infrastructure is corrosion. Whether it's concrete bridges that fall down or pipes that rust away, corrosion is the enemy.

The solution - infrastructure that won't corrode. For more information, visit the watermain break clock, tracking the costs of broken watermains across North America.

A recent University study points out PVC is the best pipe material for the Canadian climate 'by far.'


For more information:

Call or email anytime, and let me know what exciting infrastructure developments are going on in your community. Do you have a new technology being used? A new technique to finish a bridge sooner? A new way of digging trenches (or even going without trenches?) Let's hear about it!

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