Digging Deeper: At last, an inquiry into the Mafia & Quebec construction industry

For more than two years Jean Charest, the Liberal premier of the province, has resisted calls for a judicial inquiry. But after the leaking in September of an explosive report detailing cost overruns totalling hundreds of millions of dollars, kickbacks and illegal donations to political parties, Mr Charest has relented.

But will it be enough? One columnist says this could sink Charest for good... while Macleans says 'It has become a cliché to say Jean Charest has nine lives.' Developing...



Quebec not alone in construction woes

A Montreal Gazette survey of construction fraud in other countries shows that construction cartels and corruption are part of a global pattern that costs taxpayers billions of dollars.

Commissions into illegal construction activities are hardly new. The Cliche commission launched the political careers of both Brian Mulroney and Lucien Bouchard. In Ontario, the 1962 Royal Commission on Labour-Management Relations in the Construction Industry was the first investigation into practices in the Ontario construction industry. This was followed in 1974 by a Royal Commission on Certain Sectors of the Building Industry.



Toronto committee votes to 'spend smarter' by using larger vinyl pipes up to 1200 mm in diameter

Budget crunches affect every municipality, and Toronto is no different. In an effort to save money while improving performance, the Public Works Committee has recently voted to allow alternatives to concrete and steel in large diameter pipe.

The move is not without precedent. The cities of Ottawa and Hamilton opened up the specification several years ago. In fact, cities which have allowed competition for pipe materials have seen the average cost per metre drop dramatically.

For a five part technical report on the City of Toronto's decision, click below:

The Report.

For IPEX, this is truly welcomed news. With manfucaturing facilities and offices at 807 Pharmacy Avenue, 11 Bermondsey Rd, 170 Atwell Drive and 77 Carlingview Drive, we look forward to competing for Toronto tenders and providing value for taxpayers.



Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout

Ever wondered what happened 'on the inside?' Why would the creator of the worlds most prominent 'environmental' groups walk away from the organization he founded?

Dr Patrick Moore calls his book 'The making of a sensible environmentalist.' If you're even remotely interested in news, current events, environmental policy and the 'business of environment', it's a great read.

I still have a few copies here in the office. If you'd like one, just let me know. I'm happy to drop one in the mail for you.



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