Spending=20 Smarter on Infrastructure

November=20 2008

Obama: Stimulate= the=20 Economy by Fixing our Infrastructure

Newly elected US President-Elect Barack= Obama may=20 promote historically high levels of infrastructure spending= in an=20 effort to boost the slumping American economy.  More.

Amidst=20 the economic turmoil,  newly re-elected Prime Minister= Stepher=20 Harper has chosen to keep a steady hand on the public financ= es=20 wheel.  Finance Minister Jim Flaherty returns to his= existing=20 position, as does Public Works Minister Christian Paradis.&n= bsp; More.

Watermain=20 breaks cause chaos for reporters covering=20 stories 3Dhttp://farm4.static.flickr.com/3271/3005762046_e449ae7=
It's=20 been a rough month for CITY-TV crews in Toronto covering wat= ermain=20 breaks.  We've edited and posted a rath= er humorous=20 video showing a watermain break as it develops= during=20 morning rush hour in Toronto - complete with a reporter deal= ing with=20 wet, freezing feet. 

Meanwhile, the television crew covering= a different=20 watermain break only wished they only had to deal with wet=20 feet.  A vehicle struck a reporting crew = as they=20 were covering a watermain break.  Injuries were=20 minor.

Can=20 Toronto get the lead out?
Sixteen=20 months ago, Toronto discovered a cancer under its streets.= Old lead=20 pipes, installed in the 1950s and earlier, were leaching the= metal,=20 a potent neurotoxin into tap water — posing a serious= health risk to=20 pregnant women and children in particular. Since then the= problem=20 has gotten even worse.  More= .

= Hamilton=20 loan plan efficient at removing old lead pipes
Faced= with excessive=20 levels of lead in its drinking water, Hamilton funded a pilo= t=20 project that allows homeowners to borrow up to $2,000 from= the city=20 to replace their lead pipes.  The results so far indica= te the=20 program is working.  More.

PBS=20 showcases water systems in documentary
The film 'Liquid Assets' is designed to bri= ng public=20 attention to a critical issue facing the public.  'Peop= le=20 notice when the street is torn up or a bridge collapses, but= no one=20 notices a watermain is in disrepair until the tap goes dry.'= =  It=20 airs on PBS this coming Sunday, November=20 9.

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