Funds set to expire - Municipalities ask 'What's the plan?'

Forty per cent of federal dollars pumped into Canada’s crumbling cities and towns will soon expire and no party has offered a plan to replace them.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has decried the lack, so far, of “clear platforms” from any federal party to renew $1.9 billion in annual funding set to expire within the next 36 months.

Interestingly enough, the Conservative Budget which was defeated would have made permanent the GST rebate for municipalities.

FCM has come out and said the Liberal Plan falls short of what cities need.


Canada’s crumbling infrastructure: the silence is deafening

Elections should be the time to discuss the big issues. That’s rarely how it works. True to form, the parties aren’t talking seriously in this election about health care, climate change or Canada’s role in two foreign wars.

Here’s another big one that probably won’t come up in Tuesday’s televised leaders debate: the decrepit state of Canada’s public infrastructure.


Economy continues to improve: 24,000 new construction jobs in March

Canada’s March labour force numbers were a mix of substantial pluses and minuses that about evened out in terms of the overall figure. However, that obscures the fact there was considerable good news in Statistics Canada’s latest report and the construction industry played a big role.


Meanwhile, south of the border...

Canadians are not alone when it comes to bitter dialogue between two warring political parties, but we stumbled across a fascinating piece that was too good to share.

The US Chamber of Commerce - an organization which typically leans quite Republican - and former Democratic Presidential nominee, Senator John Kerry, are jointly pushing an infrastructure building program.

In the meantime, while we may be in an election in Canada, the American Water Works Association took the opportunity to meet with US politicians to discuss the importance of water issues.


New website for pipe association

Our trade association, the Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association, has a new website with lots of information, useful facts and tidbits about the use of PVC in pipe applications. Feel free to check it out or sign up for their own newsletter.


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