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November 2007

"There's a Hole in the Middle of London..."
Chances are good that you had an easier commute to your office this morning than anyone who had to cross the downtown core of London, Ontario.  Why?  Note the massive sinkhole the size of a swimming pool.

Photos courtesy London Free Press)

A 30-centimetre watermain, at least 60 years old, burst early Wednesday beneath the intersection, opening up a hole 10 metres wide and two metres deep. Electricity was shut off to 12,000 customers in the core, the fourth power blackout in the downtown this year.  More.

The problem isn't expected to be fixed right away either - 30,000 motorists will have to find alternate routes to work for at least a week, if not more.

Infrastructure Deficit - Is it Getting any Better?
Federal Infrastructure spending is at record levels, and everyone is familiar with some of the highlights - overpasses failing in Quebec, massive sinkholes in London (see this page) or collapsed bridges in Minnesota.  So with the new focus on infrastructure, you'd have to think the deficit is being addressed... but unfortunately, you may be wrong.  More.

Watermain Break Clock hits Unfortunate Milestone
The Watermain Break Clock tolls away, counting the amount of money lost due to watermain breaks... and sadly, hit the $6 billion dollar mark this month.  Visit the Watermain Break Clock for more info.

Cirque founder drops $100 million for Clean Water
The founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberte, pledged $100 million to fund a new foundation that will help provide fresh water to the world's poorest countries.  More.

Niagara Region embraces large diameter PVC
IPEX delivers a 900 mm forcemain - see the video here.

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