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     November  2006

Special!  History Channel - WHEN DISASTER STRIKES: Pipes

A special documentary on the History Channel
takes us into the infrastructure breakdown of our water system. Built to last 100 years – that time has come and gone - it’s going to require a 300 billion dollar fix just to keep things going.  "Witness the devastation of massive system failures if the city’s water infrastructure is not upgraded or replaced." The episode airs Friday, November 17 at 8:00 PM (more)

Answers start to arrive - why does our infrastructure collapse?
Reports are starting to come in about the cause of a highway collapse in Laval, Quebec that left five people dead.  Engineers say corroded rebar in the concrete structure simply didn't provide enough reinforcement... (more)

BC commits more than $40 million for infrastructure
As part of BC's 150th anniversary celebrations, the Province is getting on the infrastructure train... (more)

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Veso Sobot, P.Eng.
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Is Toronto Preparing for a
'Winter of Discontent?'

A series of watermain breaks in Canada's largest city has municipal officials there scratching their heads, and preparing for the worst.

The damage to homes and businesses has already been enormous - parts of Scarborough had to go without telephones when a main break flooded a Bell Canada relay station.

The worst part - it's one thing to have watermain breaks in the dead of winter cold... but if the pipes are already cracking in October, what's in store for this winter?

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