Harper majority - better infrastructure funding?

It was a fantastic result for the Conservatives and NDP. It was profoundly disappointing for the Liberals, but utterly devastating for the Bloc Quebecois. Despite media projections of a fourth minority government, Canada has a new, stable majority government... and municipalities have a source of stable infrastructure funding with a permanent gas tax rebate.


Federal election result pleases Canadian Construction Association

The Conservatives’ majority victory in the federal election will strengthen governance and construction industry lobbying efforts, the Canadian Construction Association says.

“It is encouraging to see greater stability now and for a governing party to have the ability to look long-term and be focused on what needs to be done to ensure Canada’s standing in the global community,” said Michael Atkinson, president of the CCA


PVC piping is the future

We saw an interesting editorial in an American political journal: 'Our water infrastructure is in crisis. Over 850 water main breaks occur each day and some 2.6 trillion gallons of potable water are lost yearly through crumbling, corroding, leaking pipes. The cost to taxpayers in lost treated water alone is some $4 billion annually.'


Deep care for aging waterworks

OK - so you can't replace your system with PVC right away. But in the meantime, you still need to maintain your old, corrosion-prone watermains... what do you do? An Edmonton company thinks it has a solution.


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