Over 2 million without clean water in Boston

Crews worked yesterday to fix to a major water break that left some 2 million people in the Boston area without clean water. To put this in perspective - that's almost 8% of the entire population of Canada. It was in a coupling holding together two sections of a 10-foot-wide metal pipe that was only seven years old.

US Embassy gets clean water from innovative new pipe

We told you last month about a newer product of ours - a virtually indestructible vinyl watermain we call Bionax. While their colleagues in Boston may be dealing with a boil water advisory due to issues with a metal pipe, US workers won't have that concern at the US Embassy in Ottawa.


Tracking Canadian Stimulus

Ever wondered what happens to infrastructure stimulus money? The Toronto Star has created a separate website, with the ability to track over 1,100 stimulus projects across the Greater Toronto Area.

Does your region have something similar? Share it with me, and I'll pass it along to our readers in our next issue.

Tracking American Stimulus

ProPublica is an advocacy organization that originally inspired the Toronto Star. They have begun the ambitious project of tracking individual stimulus projects across the USA, and ensuring the money is spent in an accountable manner.


Ontario to ban toilets that waste water

Ontario is flushing away the SUV of toilets. Water-guzzlers with tanks that use 13 litres for one flush will be outlawed in the province this summer.


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