Spending Smarter on Infrastructure

May 2008

Statistics Canada:
Infrastructure Pays for Itself

he rate of return to businesses and individuals of government investment in infrastructure, such as roads, bridges and sewers, is at least as great as the government's cost of raising the funds for that investment, a new Statistics Canada study suggests.  More...

Four Foot Diameter
PVC Pipe installed in Peel Region

Crews install  48" DR41 PVC sewer line in the
Region of Peel.  The white IPEX pipe is the
biggest PVC pipe made in the world.

US Water Pipelines are Breaking

Two hours north of New York City, a mile-long stream and a marsh the size of a football field have mysteriously formed along a country road. They are such a marvel that people come from miles around to drink the crystal-clear water, believing it is bubbling up from a hidden natural spring.  The truth is far less romantic: The water is coming from a cracked 70-year-old tunnel hundreds of feet below ground.  And that's hardly unique.  More...


What did that Leak
Actually Cost?

Now well past the $8 Billion mark, the Watermain Break Clock accounts for watermain repair costs faced by municipalities every day. 

In St. Thomas, Ontario, municipal engineers were using a new program to find and detect leaks before the leaks cost even more money. 

A new study says the real cost of watermain breaks may be even more atrocious - try close to two BILLION annually.  More.

Water, Water, Everywhere?
We thought we'd pass along a fascinating video link.  What we pay for the privilege of having a water system: civil engineer Bryan Karney on the state of Ontario's water infrastructure and our attitude toward this basic resource.  Watch the video with Dr. Karney and TVOntario's Steve Paikin here.

Newer Technologies Provide Answers to Infrastructure Issues
Broken, unsafe, or filled with lead ... you wouldn't want to drink from those pipes, why should your residents?
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