Spending Smarter on Infrastructure

     May 2007

Provincial Budget: Alberta Opens the Taps - Record Spending on Infrastructure
Alberta plans to invest $18.2 billion over the next 3 years in the provincial Capital Plan - put in perspective, Alberta’s capital spending commitment this year ($6.7 billion) is almost four times the per capita average of what other provinces spend on infrastructure.  More.

Sewers Heating Up Olympics
Everyone knows what a sewer is normally used for, and let's face it - it's not pleasant.  But some brilliant folks in Vancouver are thinking outside the box - and will be heating new Olympic facilities with their sewer pipes.

Health Canada Weighs In...
Corrosion in municipal water systems.  It's a big deal, and now Health Canada agrees.  They have created a new technical document which "describes an approach to control and reduce the effects of corrosion in Canadian drinking water distribution systems."  If you want to see the document or weigh in with your opinion, click here.


Toronto Paralyzed - Broken Watermain
Shuts Down Traffic

(Credit: CTV News)

Thousands of drivers were stranded after a broken water main closed one of the city's main arteries.  It's a headache that an industry group says could have been avoided had the city not neglected its ageing infrastructure for so long.  More.

Watch the video here.

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