350,000 in Southern Ontario deal with ruptured watermain

A concrete watermain has ruptured for the third time in 45 years, leaving tens-of-thousands of southern Ontario residents living under a boil water advisory or without any water altogether.

Engineers in the area don't know why the pipe has broken, but point out that age is likely a factor.

Politicians scramble to point fingers

Understandably, residents are upset - and politicians in neighbouring municipalities which rely on the pipeline to service their own communities are very publicly pointing fingers at each other.

You can also watch television coverage of the confusion.

What's the alternative to corroded watermains?

Here's a thought - what about watermains that simply won't break or corrode... no matter how hard you try to force them to fail?

Toronto warns - busy construction season ahead

Mayor David Miller says be prepared for one of the more active road construction seasons in years, as the unseasonably warm spring means crews can get a jump on potholes.

A study conducted for the Toronto Board of Trade and released Monday found the average GTA round-trip commute to be 80 minutes, which is the worst among 19 major cities.

Hobbyist goes boldly into Montreal’s underworld

Andrew Emond reckons that the city doesn’t have a problem with his web site, Under Montreal, in which he trains a spotlight on the sewers and storm drains running beneath la métropole.

“I’ve been exploring and photographing the sewer and wastewater system for more than three years, and I’ve made the front page of the Montreal Gazette and haven’t received any threatening e-mails,” says Emond, a graphic artist by day and infrastructure archivist in his free time.

Read the full article here, or visit his website.

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