New Watermain Break Clock unveiled

The watermain break clock is keeping a running tally on the cost of corrosion to the North American economy.

There are upwards of 850 watermain breaks each day across North America... and the clock keeps ticking up as the costs accumulate.


Plastic - not just for pipes anymore...

The days of paper currency are definitely numbered. The Bank of Canada has introduced plans to follow Australia and a number of Carribbean countries by introducing legal tender made of a plastic polymer.

The picture on the right shows Australian currency... the Bank of Canada says it doesn't want to show off what the new bills will look like, to avoid giving counterfeiters a head start.


Calgary Herald: Time to start dialogue on civic infrastructure funding

'If we can't rely on funding one year to the next . . . then how do we, as municipal governments, decide with any confidence to build a bridge, upgrade major roads, renew neighbourhoods, expand public transit or simply build a hockey rink?' AUMA president Darren Aldous said. 'The answer is simple, we can't.'

Finding a solution, well, that's a little more tricky.


City of Winnipeg explains watermain breaks

This is the first time we've run across this here at 'Infrastructure News' so open apologies to the City of Winnipeg if this isn't 'new.' But it's a great page showing what's happening to the state of their water infrastructure.

(The page shows, amongst other things, that the number of annual repairs is on a steady decline.)


Hamilton residents upset with city - not being proactive with stormwater.

According to a citizens advocacy group, 'Lack of stormwater facility maintenance is likely worsening residential flooding problems and almost certainly violating provincial laws as city staff try to cope with budget cuts and a lack of council-approved service levels.'

The city’s 46 stormceptors are governed by operating certificates of approval issued by the provincial government and that the city doesn’t know if it’s complying with these rules. And it's that lack of awareness which citizens find particularly offensive.

CATCH (Citizens AT City Hall) is an advocacy group dedicated to accountability and civic engagement.


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