A fantastic February for Canada!

Olympics, hockey... and a first step towards a more open border.

Editor's note: What a fantastic month for this, the greatest country on earth!

You will always remember where you were when Crosby scored the goal in overtime. Our nation is swelling with justified pride at our Olympic performance... and not to be overshadowed - we've also taken a giant step forward with the new Canada -U.S. Trade Agreement.

Congratulations to Canada. Congratulations to our Olympians. Congratulations to Prime Minister Harper, for winning a case of beer.

MP's, MPPs, MLA's, Premiers, Mayors and Councillors across the country have been instrumental in securing this new Canada-U.S. Trade Agreement. Canada's athletic performance may have received gold medals - but your performance has helped move a nation.

More details below... and the fight must go on... but in the meantime - THANK YOU.

USA opens door to Canadian products

In a move that's sure to save money for American state and municipal governments, Canadian-made products will be allowed in American infrastructure projects over approximately $7.8 million.

The new agreement essentially means a project under that amount can be sourced locally, but anything over that is open to US bids, and vice-versa.

Full details from the Government of Canada here.

The Canadian media outlets were quick to broadcast the deal as well: CTV & Global.

Trading relationship highlighted on NBC during Olympics

Canadians everywhere are walking a little taller this week. The Olympics were a fantastic opportunity to highlight the warm relationship between our two countries. The Canadian American Business Council had long lobbied for an open border, and used the NBC coverage of the Winter Olympics as an opportunity to remind everyone of the unique relationship.

Business groups: Great FIRST steps, but fight continues...

No one denies - this new deal cracks open the door to a protectionist Buy American policy. But business groups like the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters point out the fight must go on. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce says the deal is a 'positive step forward' but they will 'will continue to push for greater engagement and to counter protectionism with our largest trading partner.'

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