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March 2008

Federal Government and Province of Ontario clash over Infrastructure Funding
The Federal Government has been signing infrastructure funding agreements across the country, with one major exception... Ontario.

BC and Nova Scotia signed up last month.  Nunavut just stepped up and signed on to $242 million in funding.  Alberta has just wrapped up a Provincial election, and we understand negotiations are still underway across the prairies.

(photo courtesy Elmira Independent)
Conservative Members of Parliament crisscrossed the Province of Ontario, announcing $64 million in new watermain and sewer projects.

The Federal Government says they have grown tired of waiting for Ontario to sign on, and have announced $64 million in long-awaited water and sewer initiatives.   The money would normally be a joint announcement of Federal/Provincial money under a joint rural municipality program, but the municipalities will only receive the Federal share.



Permanent Infrastructure Funding: Federal Budget
The Conservative Government delivered a long-sought after gift for municipalities in their recently released Federal Budget: permanent infrastructure funding.  The Gas Tax transfer will be permanent.  More.

American Infrastructure in Rough Shape Too...  
Almost half of the states in the United States are falling behind in their infrastructure maintenance and fiscal systems, according to a report released Monday by the Pew Center on the States and Governing Magazine.  More.

Watermain Break Clock hits another milestone
Since we last featured the Watermain Break Clock, we've hit another unfortunate milestone - the two millionth watermain break in North America since Y2K.  More. 

Newer Technologies Provide Infrastructure Answers
Broken, unsafe, or filled with lead ... you wouldn't want to drink from those pipes, why should your residents? Click here to discover the solution.

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