Ontario Government announces new water innovation funding program

Showcasing Water Innovation is the province’s program to fund leading edge, innovative and cost-effective solutions for managing drinking water, wastewater and stormwater systems in Ontario communities.

More information, including application info, can be found here.


Save money: Don't have procurement staff write tenders

Improvements to competitive procurement processes for water and wastewater system work can begin with one simple change — more technical input, says the Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association (OSWCA).

“Municipalities are moving away from their technical staff writing their tenders to procurement staff. We are not getting questions answered effectively and efficiently,” said Joe Accardi, executive director of OSWCA.

“There are a lot of discrepancies and variances and it affects tender prices..


What happens when a 10 foot watermain breaks?

The short answer? An ENORMOUS mess. A ten-foot concrete watermain delivers clean water to over thirty municipalities around Boston. That was, until an eight-year old steel coupling connecting two sections ruptured earlier this month... and we have video.


Mayor, council resign as RCMP probe town's books

The mayor and entire town council in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia have resigned en masse in the face of a police investigation into financial irregularities at town hall.


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