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June 2008

Aging systems releasing sewage into rivers
America's aging sewer systems continue to dump human waste into rivers and streams, despite years of fines and penalties targeting publicly owned agencies responsible for sewage overflows, a new analysis shows.  More.

The problem isn't one-off or unique.  The study data may be American, but closer to home in the nation's capital, tempers are flaring after a massive sewage leak into the Ottawa river.  More.

Two Canadian Utilities win Environmental Award
The water utilities in Calgary and Edmonton are recipients of the first International Award for Sustainable Infrastructure in recognition of their outstanding performance records, their excellent management of  infrastructure assets, and their substantial savings in repair costs. More.

Revolutionary New Pipe Product Revealed
We are really excited about this.  We already know PVC pipe has excellent performance.  But IPEX will be the first manufacturer in Canada to introduce something known as biaxially-oriented PVC - we like to call it 'Superpipe...' or "Bionax." 
(More information here.)

It's near bulletproof.  It's crush resistant.  You can bend it, drive a bulldozer over it, hit it with a sledgehammer... you can't hurt this stuff.
Coming to a subdivision near you in September 2008.

Toward More Efficient Municipal Governments in Canada
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has released a great essay on how municipalities can literally save billions of dollars.  More.

It's 11pm - do you know where your pipes are?
Officials in Nova Scotia are left scratching their head, wondering where a 1.6 kilometre pipeline has disappeared to.  Consider this yet another argument to consider using plastic pipes.  More.

IPEX wins Environmental Award in Quebec
If we can toot our own horn for just a minute, IPEX just brought home more hardware - the 2008 Phenix award by the Quebec Ministry of Environment, awarded to a company who implemented a sustainable development approach.  More (in french) here.

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