Spending Smarter on Infrastructure

May 2008

Statistics Canada -
Infrastructure Pays for Itself...

he rate of return to businesses and individuals of government investment in infrastructure, such as roads, bridges and sewers, is at least as great as the government's cost of raising the funds for that investment, a new Statistics Canada study suggests.  More...

Work crews prepare to install a 48" forcemain in Mississauga, Ontario.  Note the size of the white pipe in the background, relative to the height of the treads of the backhoe...


Give me a break
EPCOR, the municipal water utility in Edmonton, has been reporting unusually high numbers of water-main breaks. More.

Greasy Problem in Edmonton
Speaking of Edmonton, their sewage arteries are clogging on a steady diet of fat residents pour down their drains.
The City is launching a new awareness campaign trying to remind people - whether it's in your body or in a pipe, fat is a bad thing. More. 

Time to get the lead out
Lead plumbing pipes are one of those out-of-sight, out-of-mind issues, despite being present in thousands of older Canadian houses.  It's a problem that plagues cities everywhere - what to do with old, lead watermains.  More.

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