Are we falling apart at the seams?

It's a dire time to be a municipal official across Canada. Metroland media (which is Ontario based) did a survey of municipalities across it's region, and the results may shock and scare everyone across the nation.

Municipalities are increasingly going into debt to urgently fix the largest infrastructure deficit they've seen in decades. This is a special 3 part report.


Stelmach makes infrastructure appeal

Alberta's Premier may be on his way out the door but that didn't prevent him from making a heartfelt appeal to his Western colleagues.

Ed Stelmach wants his counterparts from Canada's Western provinces and territories to help him convince the federal government to support construction of roads and pipelines that will facilitate trade with booming Asian countries.


Ontario outlines 10-year infrastructure spending plan

Infrastructure Minister Bob Chiarelli called the plan “historic” since it is the first time a provincial government has outlined a 10-year plan for infrastructure. The plan does not provide any funding details after its first three years, but it does provide the priority areas it plans to address, from highways and bridges to hospitals and post-secondary schools. Chiarelli did point to the Liberals’ annual average of $10 billion in infrastructure spending over the last six years as a possible yearly benchmark to expect after the first three years.


Globe and Mail: Sewage systems need repair before problems overflow

The mighty Ottawa River flowing beneath the gothic spires of Parliament Hill is one of Canada's quintessential scenes.

It's also a sobering reminder of the decrepit state of the country's infrastructure.

Gobs of grimy froth collect along the shoreline because the City of Ottawa routinely dumps untreated sewage and storm water directly into the river - since March alone, enough runoff to fill more than 100 Olympic-sized swimming pools.


IPEX wins innovation award for Bionax pipe.

(We're not big fans of blowing our own horn but this is too cool not to share.) The Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) handed out industry innovation awards this month, and we were proud to win for our rollout of Bionax pipe.

I won't bore you with technical details, but I'll happily summarize via the coolest video on pipe you'll ever see. (This is worth watching.)


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