Burst watermain floods North Vancouver homes

A ruptured water main in North Vancouver created a large sinkhole and flooded several homes.

Municipal officials say it was too early to tell what caused the main to break, but added that the pipes in the area are quite old. 'There's no way of knowing when one is going to rupture.'

More details, including a video, here.

Effective Pipe Solutions:

How do you get watermains to work after a century of service?

The widespread failure of water main pipelines across North America continues to make headlines and provide a focal point for worries about the country’s infrastructure problems. After all, how long can a city survive without fresh water?

A US publication called 'Water Efficiency' is taking a look at potential solutions.

Canada helps solve oil spill woes

It's a Canadian company - Versatech Inc - which is helping to save the Louisiana shoreline in the wake of the shattered BP pipeline.

With a vinyl boom in place the oil slicks are less likely to penetrate the wetlands. The Versatech boom is inflatable, meaning you can ship it easily and deploy it quickly.

Since the spill in the Gulf Versatech has sent approximately 200,000 feet of vinyl boom to the Gulf Coast. That’s 200,000 feet of protected wildlife habitat, thanks to Canadian PVC technology.

The last word in PVC technology?

We were impressed with this: It's no secret - IPEX makes PVC pipe. We're proud of our product, and all the wonderful things it can do. But even we had no idea it could do this!

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