Spending Smarter on Infrastructure

   April  2007

Largest Cash Infusion for Infrastructure in Canadian History

Over SIXTEEN BILLION Dollars in Spending

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has unveiled three new programs designed to funnel cash into municipal infrastructure needs.

- Gas Taxes Stay in the Hands of Municipalities until at least 2013/2014.
- GST Rebate for Municipalities continued.
- Massive cash infusion into new "Building Canada" Infrastructure Fund

The massive cash infusion means the 2007 budget is, by far and away, the largest increase in infrastructure spending in Canadian history.

 The full  list of infrastructure initiatives can be found here, while the the full budget itself can be seen here.

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Water: the next Global Money-Maker

"Water is big business, whether it's upgrading London's Victorian-era pipes or dealing with the hundreds of Chinese cities that pump raw sewage into the ocean. So it's no surprise some investment firms are selling water as the next hot commodity to slake a parched portfolio."  More in Macleans magazine...

Demand for Water Filters "gushing" in Montreal
Tell 75,000 residents not to drink their tap water and demand for water filters skyrockets.  Montreal residents are angry, and expecting class action lawsuits against the city.
Newer Technologies Provide Answers to Infrastructure Issues
Broken, unsafe pipes... you wouldn't want to drink from them, why should your residents? Click here to discover the solution.
Watermain Break Clock hits $5.5 Billion Figure...
Flaherty's Infrastructure boost can't come soon enough - consider the Watermain Break Clock, which keeps on ticking, adding up the costs of broken watermains to municipalities across North America,



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