Spending Smarter on Infrastructure: January 2013


Quebec story of the year: The corruption inquiry

In fewer than 12 months, the political landscape in Quebec has transformed, in no small part due to the fallout of testimony the Charbonneau commission and raids by the province's anti-corruption unit.

The implications are going to be wide ranging and affect municipal procurement across Canada... not just in Quebec.


Facing a deficit, Alberta makes tough choices on infrastructure

Alison Redford has chosen a controversial path for Alberta politicians - for the first time in years, Albertans are looking at a budget deficit.

Despite the pressure to reduce spending in certain areas, the Alberta Premier says infrastructure spending can't be reduced.

“We think it’s important, even through these difficult economic times, to keep investing in those institutions, those buildings, those services that really matter to communities and families,” Redford told CBC News.

“Whenever we've pulled back before on infrastructure, we always ended up needing it again, sooner than they thought we would,” said Redford.


Massive sinkhole in Harrisburg, city officials fear "more on the way."

(While we typically focus on Canadian infrastructure, the perils facing Harrisburg are by no means unique.)

Motorists in Pennsylvania's capital city have generally known about the city's financial collapse, but assumed the macadam beneath their wheels was secure as stone. New Year's Day revealed that to be an illusion.

The sinkhole was unsettling, but more unsettling was the nagging question, "How many other streets may have nothing beneath them but air?"

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Southern Ontario educational seminar: 'Designing, Specifying and Installing with Cost Effective PVC Pipe'

IPEX Management Inc. with the Water Finance Research Foundation (WFRF) is holding educational seminars on the design, specification and installation of cost-effective PVC piping systems.

Find out how to stretch your capital improvement budgets and reduce operating and maintenance costs with corrosion proof PVC pipe and fittings. Hear from industry experts and obtain technical and financial information you need to make the best decisions for your community.

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