How do we know it's winter?

The pipes start shattering across the country.

It's predictable, it's sad (and dare we say it, entirely preventable.) The cold weather approaches Canadian cities, and aging, brittle, non-flexible pipes pay the consequences.

Crews in Hamilton were scrambling to deal with a series of floods across the older east end. The story was similar in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Edmonton.

Even the City of Calgary, which normally has one of the lowest break rates in North America, ran into challenges in it's older downtown core, thanks to older metal watermains.


City of Regina addresses infrastructure challenges

Civic leaders in Regina are talking more and more about the 'infrastructure gap' and how the bills to replace aging public infrastructure are stacking up. The Regina Leader-Post is running a five-part series which takes a look at what's being done in regards to key civic infrastructure.

Part One: Water upgrades needed
Part Two: City of Regina plans to spend millions


Construction Story of the Year?

Ontario construction officials say that government stimulus efforts edged out an expert panel review of the occupational health and safety system to determine the industry’s top 2010 newsmaker.

“If it wasn’t for the stimulus package there would not have been as much construction during the economic slowdown,” said Michael Atkinson, president of the Canadian Construction Association.


Is there a link between infrastructure and elections?

(Editors note: Normally we wouldn't include an infrastructure story from India. But we were thinking 'What's the one thing our readers really like to know about? And the answer was two things: infrastructure, and how to win elections. So with that in mind...)

'Are there some key learnings for other states?

First, as aspirations rise, fuelled by the middle class and mass media, the electoral demands of voters would prioritise performance in terms of better governance and better infrastructure. '


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