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     February 2007

Reuters: Biggest Threat to Drinking Water - Rust
"Who would have thought the top worry among water experts turns out to be rusty pipes? 

"If you clean up water and then put it into a dirty pipe, there's not much point..." More

Raw Sewage Flow in Harbour
The City of Hamilton, Ontario finally met it's match in an epic showdown of rain versus infrastructure.  This time, the rain won.  More

Spec it, Bury it.  Forget it.
Does this sound like the formula for your municipal water infrastructure needs?  A publication circulating south of the border is pointing out just how disastrous that can be, complete with four pipe horror stories.  More

Newer Technologies Provide Answers to Infrastructure Issues
Broken, unsafe pipes... you wouldn't want to drink from them, why should your residents?
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Visit the Watermain Break Clock
Get an idea of just how often water mains break across Canada and the United States.
Visit the Watermain Break Clock here.

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So Who's Going to Pay?

Broken watermains causing havoc across Canada's largest city.  Photo courtesy Toronto Star

Making the case that Toronto's sewers and water mains need fixing wasn't that hard.

After all, when some of the city's water mains were installed, the Civil War was raging in the U.S. And a few British colonies in North America were just starting to think about linking up in a new federation, which they would decide to call Canada.

But now the Toronto Star is reporting that addressing the pipe crisis isn't just a case of replacing the old - it's replacing the leaky.  And there's one particular type of pipe that's causing the most concern.


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