Sustainable Infrastructure Report

     Winter  2005

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There are few jobs more important than protecting the health and safety of your residents.  The simplest way to both protect your water supply and save money is to protect your water mains.  You can visit the Watermain Break Clock for an idea of just how often  water mains break across Canada and the United States.

Iron Pipes failing in record numbers
The Globe and Mail ran a story about the watermains breaking underneath the City of Toronto in record numbers.  The shocking news - some of the iron pipes breaking are relatively new.
  Read the article here.

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Municipal Story of the Month
- Spending Smarter -

When the City of Ottawa was looking at a budget shortfall for 2004, the traditional answer was to cut expenses or increase taxes.

CBC News ran a story about the third option - save money by simply spending smarter.  And the primary way the City can accomplish this goal?  Use vinyl for large diameter water mains.  Watch the video here.

Click the picture for information about IPEX's newest pipe, Enviro-Tite.


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