National Post: 'No bribes, no deal' for PVC pipe

According to testimony at the Charbonneau Commission, the City of Montreal may have overpaid for sub-par pipes for decades, even though a Montreal-based company supplies cities across Canada with superior PVC pipes.

Virtually every town in Quebec and the rest of Canada buys PVC pipes except Montreal, which prefers old fashioned iron pipes.

An Ipex sales manager in Quebec told commissioners it was because the company refused to pay a bribe.

“We don’t get involved in projects where we make profits on the back of taxpayers,” he told the commission.

For a video link to Cadotte's testimony (en francais) click here.

Meanwhile, in Montreal

Crews have been busy repairing yet another busted piece of Montreal's infrastructure. A water main near the intersection of De Lorimier Ave. and Marie-Anne St. broke, flooding half the street.

The city dispatched a team to make emergency repairs.


Looking to Canada to fix America's crumbling infrastructure

Competitive Bidding Offers a Way Out

In the United States, the population is expected to grow by 100 million—a 30-percent increase—by the middle of the 21st century. This growth will put enormous strains on infrastructure, and raises questions as to how they'll pay for it all.

A recent study encourages competitive bidding with PVC pipes as an excellent model, and cites several Canadian cities as examples.


Is the threat of 'Buy American' over? Not quite yet...

Buy American provisions currently before the United States Congress could shut Canadian companies out of $115 billion in supplier opportunities related to water infrastructure projects funded by the US government, according to Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), Canada's largest trade and industry association.

Obama has expressed support again for a 'Buy America' policy.

Vinyl Instrument18066-0

Vinyl - like you've never seen (or heard) before

We know there are lots of fantastic uses for vinyl. Watermains, conduit, pipes... but this just proves the old adage: 'It sounds better on vinyl.'

The video is fantastic, but for my personal favourite, fast-forward to 3:20 to hear the most unique rendition of 'Crazy Train' you may have ever stumbled across.


Trivia Contest!

Which country has the lowest watermain break average - the USA or Canada? (Hint: figure 17 of this report.)

Email me your answers. A correct answer gets a copy of Patrick Moore's book 'Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout.'

And as always, let me know what's going on in your municipality. We're always looking for new and innovative approaches to infrastructure challenges - and we may feature your story in a future newsletter!

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