Federal government extends infrastructure plan

The federal government said it is partnering with provinces and municipalities to develop a long term infrastructure plan beyond the Building Canada Plan, which expires in 2014.

The plan will be divided into three phases over the next year. Phase one will take stock of past infrastructure investments. The second phase will identify priorities of future infrastructure investments and the third phase will inform all levels of government on future directions.


The Montreal Infrastructure Crisis, explained

CBC Radio's 'The Current' with Ana Maria Tremonti did a fantastic job this week of exploring the controversy surrounding infrastructure, construction and corruption in La Belle Province. Click here for a full clip of the audio. Our advice? Turn it on and let it play in the background while you do some paperwork. It's worth a listen.


Infrastructure planning torn between old and new communities

Federal Transport Minister Denis Lebel drew attention on Wednesday to the infrastructure problems of Canada's older cities and towns.

While older cities such as Montreal may have the biggest problems in terms of repairing old bridges and tunnels, newer Canadian cities can easily counter that they need more money because they are growing much faster. Some of Canada’s fastest-growing cities – including Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary and Vancouver – are in the West.


Caffeine in our urine could be key to finding toxic sewage leaks

Coffee and tea drinkers could prove a quick and easy way to tracking down sewage leaks - and revealing where water is toxic.

Scientists in Montreal, Canada, found if there were high levels of caffeine in water, then a leaky sewage pipe, with potentially toxic sewage, was probably nearby.


Foreign hackers targeted U.S. water plant in apparent malicious cyber attack

Foreign hackers have caused a pump at an Illinois water plant to fail, according to a preliminary state report. Experts said the cyber-attack, if confirmed, would be the first known to have damaged one of the systems that supply Americans with water, electricity and other essentials of modern life.


European Union: Water is not healthy?

THE EU was ridiculed last night after it took three years to issue a new rule that water cannot be sold as healthy.

In a scarcely believable ­ruling, a panel of experts threw out a claim that regular water consumption is the best way to rehydrate the body.


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