Drug-Resistant Germs Thrive in Old Water Pipes The thousands of miles of aging, corroding pipes that bring water to North Americans each day may be h

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Drug-Resistant Germs Thrive in Old Water Pipes

The thousands of miles of aging, corroding pipes that bring water to North Americans each day may be home to dangerous drug-resistant bacteria, a new report warns.

These harmful bacteria include legionella, which causes Legionnaires' disease; pseudomonas, which can trigger pneumonia; and mycobacteria, which can cause tuberculosis and other illnesses


Tesla Batteries to Help Water Utility Save More Than $500,000 Annually

While Tesla Motors' new energy storage products will help homeowners reduce their dependency on the grid, Tesla is repeatedly demonstrating growing demand for energy storage at a much larger scale. A just-announced energy storage system using Tesla Batteries for an Orange County, California-based water utility puts the spotlight on this opportunity.


Congresswoman Miller Tours IPEX Pipe Facility in Michigan

Congresswoman Candice Miller also got the opportunity to learn more about the water infrastructure issues facing the country. In particular, how fair and open procurement practises can accelerate technological innovation that can improve water quality, service levels and save taxpayers money all at the same time.


Halton Region manager accused of getting Mercedes, Las Vegas trip as kickbacks

More proof that fair and open procurement and proper specifications are key to taxpayer value...

A former Halton Region manager is facing charges of corruption, fraud, kickbacks and forgery involving infrastructure projects worth tens of millions of dollars.

There is speculation Halton could go the same direction as Montreal, who are demanding reparations from the key players at the epicentre of the Charbonneau Commission on corruption in public infrastructure.


Project Spotlight: Smithville Upgrade and Forcemain Replacement

The good folks at CATT share their recent newsletter with us which has a few great stories, including a report on a new project underway in Smithville. They needed to replace over 10km of pipe - including a section that goes under railway tracks that are used every day.

There's also a great story on page four about Electro Scan - a proven way to check for waterleaks as small as a pinhole in watermains of all types, no matter the material.

Workshop: Condition Assessment Inspection Tools, October 27

Speaking of CATT, they are hosting a seminar to highlight new technologies. They are exploring the advanced data that allows us to assess and enable condition-based asset management of water and wastewater piping systems. It is a great opportunity if you're involved with pipeline inspections, evaluations, and condition assessment. More information available here.

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The more things change...

Longtime Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technology (CATT) volunteer Roger Crawford, P.Eng, shared this with us - it's a picture of an article from Environment Science and Engineering magazine. The headline? 'Municipal Sewage and Water Systems are in a State of Crisis.'

The article is now over twenty years old.

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