Montreal is finally adopting PVC pipe Imagine there was a cheaper and faster way to install, maintain and fix Montreal water mains and sewer pipes, a

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Montreal is finally adopting PVC pipe

Imagine there was a cheaper and faster way to install, maintain and fix Montreal water mains and sewer pipes, a solution that could also reduce leaks and breaks.

Companies that make PVC pipes have tried in vain for years to convince the city of Montreal that they have the answer, one that several others cities are already opting for.

In 2012, a PVC-pipe manufacturer told the Charbonneau Commission on corruption his company came close to breaking into the Montreal market in 2006. But then it refused to hand over $150,000 in cash an alleged Mafia middleman said would first have to be paid to officials at Montreal city hall.

Now, for the first time in decades, Montreal is taking its first steps toward using PVC pipes.


US iron pipe manufacturer prepares to pay out millions

In the meantime, a manufacturer of ductile iron pipe fittings has just settled a class action lawsuit in the States.

SIGMA Corporation has announced they're prepared to pay over $2 million dollars to make allegations they've engaged in collusion and price fixing go away.

While Sigma and Star have jumped ship, the lawsuit is still pending against alleged co-conspirator McWane Industries. You may remember McWane as one of the principal supporters of the controversial 'Buy America' legislation which shut down the US border to Canadian companies.


Ontario announces $100M program for upgraded home heating systems

Ontario announced a $100-million program Thursday to help homeowners upgrade their furnaces, water heaters and insulation, but did not provide a start date, eligibility rules or rebate amounts.

The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and at the same time help create jobs and lower residential natural gas bills.


Gander using technology to track leaky pipes

The town of Gander, Newfoundland is investing in a computer program to help track and manage leaky water lines.

'The main lines in the old part of town are made of cast iron. They usually don't break unless its like in the spring or the fall, when the ground moves, but if the ground moves and they happen to move with it, we could get a break.'

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Historic pipe on display at Water & Wastewater show

Imagine you're back in the 1700's. You need to move water and sewage to peoples homes. What material do you use? After all, metal is hard to forge, and new technologies like PVC haven't been invented yet.

Believe it or not, they made their pipes out of wood!


BC Town Replaces 40 Year Old Watermain

The Town of Port Alberni has had enough of their 8 inch 1970's-era asbestos concrete watermain, and is replacing it with PVC.

“One of the main reasons for replacing this one is that we’ve had several breaks in it over the years.”

The city has opted to use PVC pipe instead of ductile iron to save on costs. “The ductile iron is more money and harder to work with.”

2-2-16 UGSI Fairpoint Utility 2

Florida utility repairs broken 30' leaking pipe with PVC 'patch'

Great use of new technology to repair infrastructure - repairing a massive, 1/2 mile main pipe without even digging a trench.


Speaking of trenchless technology, heads up:

Workshop on Watermain Condition Classification & Renewal

The workshop will present various components of the framework for the development of a standardized defect coding and condition classification system for water distribution pipelines.

The defect coding and condition classification protocol is developed to identify, characterize, and report various types of anomalies, defects and construction features that can impact water pipelines' structural, operational, and hydraulic performance as well as water quality in water distribution mains.

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