Infrastructure Minister Sohi tours IPEX plant in Edmonton IPEX was privileged to host Canada's Infrastructure Minister, Amarjeet Sohi, at a tour of o

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Infrastructure Minister Sohi tours IPEX plant in Edmonton

IPEX was privileged to host Canada's Infrastructure Minister, Amarjeet Sohi, at a tour of our pipe manufacturing facility in Edmonton, Alberta this month.

He got a first-hand look at our world first BIONAX large diameter, lead-free pipe - the PVC pipe that's so resilient you can literally drive a truck over it. It's revolutionizing infrastructure across Canada, and we were thrilled to show it off.


Infrastructure Investments Announced

Minister Sohi is discussing Canada's most recent budget and infrastructure plans:
'Infrastructure is about people: it means a safe place for women fleeing domestic violence, decent places to live for seniors, efficient public transit systems for people to get around, clean drinking water and much more.
It's about building communities that Canadians are proud to call home.'

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Water worker fired after talking about lead to media

A man who discovered lead components in a city water main and then told the public was fired Thursday from his job in Jackson, Mississippi's Public Works Department.

“I was disappointed in the decision of the director to, in my view, put the reputation of the city before the safety of the public,” the fired man said. “I think what I did is ethically right.”

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It's not just Flint

Cities like Pittsburgh ask why they can't get more federal help with giant water and sewer projects.

All eyes are on Flint, where failure to properly treat river water corroded its aging water pipes, causing lead to leech into the water supply. Residents are still making do with bottled water while officials scramble to figure out a fix. Estimates are that it would cost up to $1.5 billion to replace the old water pipes.

The water crisis in Flint, though rooted in human error, has exposed the massive problem of aging, obsolete infrastructure facing American cities, particularly those with struggling, post-industrial economies. Many of these are served by aging, leaky water pipes — made not only with lead but, in some places, wood — where city officials have lapsed in upkeep.

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Who's reacting to potential lead concerns?

Meanwhile, on this side of the border, the only major city in Canada which relies exclusively on old fashioned metal pipe is attempting to get out ahead of potential lead concerns.

The City of Halifax, Nova Scotia has created a new page on their website, dedicated to lead in the municipal water supply.


Trenchless Technologies 101: Early Bird ends April 15

The Trenchless Technology 101 course is for both newcomers to the industry and for anyone who is seeking a refresher course on the various trenchless technology methods. The course covers new trenchless construction techniques including tunneling, open shield pipe jacking, microtunneling, auger boring, pipe ramming, and horizontal directional drilling.

For details, check out


Comments and Questions?

I'm always curious to know what's happening in your municipality. If you're doing a major infrastructure renewal or innovation, let me know!

Veso Sobot, P.Eng
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