Special Election Issue   

     December 2005

Clean Water &
New Infrastructure:
The Federal Parties Speak

'Infrastructure News' sent a survey to Canadian Political Parties asking their opinion on Canada's Infrastructure Deficit.

Which parties want to develop an ultra-long term funding model so municipalities won't have to put their hat out year-after-year? 

Which parties want to give municipalities greater freedom to decide their infrastructure priorities? 

Which party wants to amend the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to include a right to clean air and drinking water? 

And which party didn't even bother to respond to our survey?

We've reprinted the answers as we've received them, verbatim.  Find those answers here.

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Veso Sobot, P.Eng.
Director, Corporate Affairs

Global News takes Election to Street Level

What happens when we take this election campaign down to street level - literally?  Global News asked that very question and delivered this report on how federal politicians are dealing with our crumbling infrastructure.







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