It was no ‘megathrust,’ no Big One. But the recent, moderate B.C. earthquake stirred up big worries Tuesday’s magnitude 4.7 event was located about 5

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It was no ‘megathrust,’ no Big One. But the recent, moderate B.C. earthquake stirred up big worries

Tuesday’s magnitude 4.7 event was located about 50 kilometres under southern Vancouver Island and could be felt across British Columbia’s southern coast. It wasn’t the first shaker ever in the region, of course, nor the strongest, nor was it an isolated event; in fact, it was the 10th earthquake recorded around the world Tuesday. But it was a giant wakeup call.


Shake away, with seismic resistant pipe.

How do you cope with the threat of earthquakes? By building infrastructure that can handle the threats, of course.

Bionax SR pipe just received intensive testing from Cornell University, and showed stellar results. The key is an extended bell that absorbs lateral shaking. The full technical details can be found here, but in short - it's as close as you can get to earthquake-proof.


Feds vow fast flow of infrastructure money

Canada's new infrastructure minister says projects that are shovel-ready and meet the Liberal government's national objectives will get some of the billions in new federal cash being made available.

Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi says those big objectives are threefold: grow the economy, create jobs and make the country more sustainable.

Sohi says shovel ready projects mean a municipality has done all the relevant studies, public consultation and planning — to qualify for financial help from the federal government.

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Tackling a stinky problem

For many cities, stinky sewers are a fact of life. But new technology displayed in this video says it doesn't have to be.

Most of the time, the odor comes from gasses rising through sewer manholes, causing unpleasant aroma for those in the neighbourhood. But what if you could capture those gasses, without spending a dime on ongoing maintenance or electricity? Sounds too good to be true?

As an aside - the residents of Victorian-era London discovered centuries ago that streets don't HAVE to stink. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone else figured it out too?

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Vinyl's role in sustainability

Sustainability is a word we hear all the time. But what does it really mean?
The Vinyl Institute tackled this question in a recent video. For the vinyl industry it means more than protecting the environment. It means providing for the needs of today without compromising future generations, and their ability to do the same. It means embracing resilience and ensuring our communities, institutions and infrastructure are ready to adapt to the changing demands and circumstances.


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